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Best lube for males

Masturbation for males involves stroking the penis up and down repeatedly until ejaculation and orgasm occur. Happily, the penis has some of the thinnest skin on the body. Since masturbating often means making two strokes in each direction per second, the possibilities are good that a male will cause a burn on his penis at some point. Also, for most males, the head (glans) of the penis is too sensitive to be touched. Applying a lubricant to the penis solves both of these problems. With lube, the penis can stand to be stroked for a longer period of time without getting burned or chafed, and with lube, the head of the penis can be touched.

The best lube its a Water-based lube, period.

Water-based lubes are the cheapest and the easiest to find in stores. They have the advantage of being easily removed from the skin without using soap, so cleanup afterward is no problem. The two leading national brands are Astroglide and K-Y. Both of these come in both jelly/gel and liquid form. The liquid form is the most popular. Water-based lubes are available at any of the national drug store chains (CVS, etc.) and discount store chains (Target, Walmart, etc.). Some of the chains have their own cheaper-priced store brand alongside the name brands. A small bottle (2 1/2 oz.) costs about $6. A larger bottle (5 oz.) costs about $8.

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